The Family Justice Center - Alliance for Hope Intl.

The William H. Donner Foundation supports Camp Hope and The Family Justice Center.

The William H. Donner Foundation supports Camp Hope and The Family Justice Center which recently awarded former San Diego City Attorney and Alliance for HOPE International President, Casey Gwinn, Esq., the Ronald Wilson Reagan Public Policy Award during the National Crime Victims' Service Award Ceremony. The award was presented by Darlene Hutchinson, the Director of the Office for Victims of Crime in the U.S. Department of Justice and Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Alan Hanson. During the ceremony, Gwinn said, “I am humbled and honored to accept the Ronald Wilson Reagan Public Policy Award, not for my work but on behalf of the amazing, hope-centered team that I work with every day at Alliance for HOPE International. To borrow the words of our CEO, Gael Strack, this award is about the ‘power of we.’ Many of us are trauma, illness, and violence survivors at the Alliance. We have journeyed through dark places in our lives, but we have found pathways to hope and bright futures, and now our calling is to give hope to thousands of other adult and child survivors of trauma and abuse. We must give hope, always hope.”

Early in his career, Gwinn was recognized as a visionary for his work in helping victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, elder abuse, and childhood trauma recover from their experiences. Gwinn has dedicated his career to increasing access to justice, improving the prosecution of domestic violence cases, developing coordinated community response teams, launching Family Justice Centers, developing a prevention program for children impacted by domestic violence through Camp HOPE America, creating innovative civil legal services for victims through the Justice Legal Network and helping survivors create a network of VOICES chapters all across the country. Gwinn's innovative programs have been replicated across the United States and around the world and are supported by peer-reviewed academic research. "I have had the privilege of working with Casey since 1987, first as an adversary in a domestic violence trial and now as a colleague at Alliance for HOPE International. Even early on in his career Casey Gwinn was a visionary. He could always see better ways to help hurting families. All of San Diego salutes and thanks Casey for his leadership and commitment to saving lives." Said, Gael Strack, CEO and Co-Founder of Alliance for HOPE International.