World Without Exploitation

The William H. Donner Foundation supports the World Without Exploitation program Rights4Girls which developed a 2016–2017 racial justice programming series that seeks to challenge the way we think about intersectionality.

Nikki Bell, photographed by Lynn Savarese.

When people talk about trafficking and exploitation, they often focus on its impact on those who are “in the life.” But being bought, sold, or exploited can leave wounds that linger long after someone has left the sex trade.

Nikki Bell, a World Without Exploitation partner, wants people to understand that. Nikki is speaking and writing about her experiences in order to change the conversation we’re having about prostitution and trafficking. Her moving piece, “I Dream of Simple Things,” is an example of how Nikki puts her activism into words. “Through my writing, I wanted to explore how powerful my memories of being prostituted and trafficked are,” says Nikki. Put another way: Even when survivors exit the life, the life sometimes stays with them.